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Intro to Oil Painting

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Hi, I'm Lucy.

I'm an artist and teacher living in Sydney Australia with my two little kids, who sometimes model for my creative paintings and don't mind when I turn them into a witch, bee, car racer, or Spider-man. 

Having healed myself from depression through art, my work is created with the intention to (re)connect with the beauty and magic in life, and to deepen that connection.

I hope you find a sense of connection, courage, and joy in my online home here.

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A Deeper Connection with Yourself

Alongside images, I weave in videos and words here in the hope that by sharing my journey, you will see something of yourself reflected back, and find the inspiration and courage to step into your own truth.

My work is steeped in self-compassion and self-love. I hope you find the inspiration, beauty, connection and magic you're looking for in here.


Fine Art


What Collectors Say

"I just love this painting! It's more beautiful in person. She just speaks to me!"

— Lorraine Lukach, United States

"Since receiving Lucy's beautiful painting, we have spent much time enjoying it, and everyone interprets it a little differently."

— Julie Scott, United States



What Students Say


"Lucy, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance, encouragement and your kindness. I definitely let go of some things in this piece and feel like I was able to reflect what was in my heart."

— Sarah Turner

"This course has taken me to a new dimension in terms of use of color and color mixture. I highly recommend it!"

— Rula Darwazeh




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